Quiet Time - How it works

Quiet Time is a collection of tools that can help you with your daily Quiet Time. You don't have to pay for using the site, and it has no advertising.

In order to use the different tools, you will have to create an account. The only part that works without an account is the Read Module.


Quiet Time has an easy navigation that gives access to the following tools:

  • Read
  • Scipture Memory
  • Prayer
  • Journal
  • To Do


The Read Module contains the full Bible and an modern bible commentary. It has tools to share Bible verses with Facebook and Twitter, and it allows you to add notes to specific verses.

If you follow the reading plan, you will finish reading the whole Bible in less than a year.

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The Scripture Memory Module helps you with memorizing scripture. You can add verses to your list, and practize them by typing the first letter of each word of the verse.

Verses that you memorized more often will move down in the list so you don't have to practice them as frequently anymore.

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The Prayer Module allows you to:

  • Add Prayer Topics: to remind you to pray for certain topics on certain days
  • Add Prayer Requests: to keep track of specific prayers and whether God answered them
  • Share Prayer Requests: create Prayer Groups and share your prayer requests with them
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The Journal Module allows you to keep track of the thoughts and insights you gained as a result of your Quiet Time.

The Journal entries can be sorted filtered. You can add Tags to them. And they can be entered in various rich text formats.

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To Do

One of the main purposes of having a daily Quiet Time is that God gives you input into what you should be doing. The To Do Module helps you by keeping track of these to-do's.

You can sort and filter the to-do's in many different ways, you can tag them, set due dates and priorities, and you can mark them as done.

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Quiet Time has a basic search function that allows you to find certain passages quickly.