Scripture Memory - How it works

Adding Verses to your list

Click on "Add New Verse" and then select first the book, chapter, and the start- and end-verse of the scripture you to memorize. Then either select an existing version (currently only KJV, AKJV, and WEB), or copy-paste the text from another source ( for NKJV, for just about everything else).

Proofread the text and then click "Save" to add your verse to the list.

Memorizing your verses

Click on the verse in your list. It will show in the "Memorize" mode. Type the first letter of the first word. If you clicked the right letter, the word will show in black. It it was wrong, it will be shown in red. Keep typing the first letter of each next word until you did the full text. Then type the Bible book, chapter, and start- and end-verses.

You will then see the percentage of words you had correct. If you had 95% or more correct, then you fully memorized the verse and the "Days" and "Times" values will be update.

The "Times" value shows how often you successfully memorized the verse. The "Days" value will show you in how many days you will have to do it again, in order to maintain the 'current' status for these verses.

If you memorized a verse 2 times, you will have to do it again in 2 days. If you memorized it 5 times, you will have to do it again in 5 days. If the "Days" value is negative, the verses will be highlighted with red in the table.