Journal Module - How it works

The Journal Module helps you to keep track of your walk with God. You can write down thoughts and insights that came to you as a result of your Quiet Time.

Journal Entry

You can add as many Journal Entries as you like. They are stored in our secure and encrypted database so that you can access them anytime, anywhere.

The text editor provides various rich text formats, and cou can add Tags to your Journal Entry so that you can find them back later.

Journal Entry Editing, Sorting and Filtering

It is easy to edit previous Journal Entries. Just click on the Edit link that you will see when you hover over, or click on, an existing Journal Entry.

You can filter your Journal Entries by their Tags. Just click on any tag, either in the Tag Filter, or a tag in a Journal Entry.

You can also click on a month in the Montly Entries list. This will show the entries you made in that month. This way you can quickly find entries you entered in the past.