Using Quiet Time for Awana

Instructions for how to use Quiet Time to Memorize Awana verses

Category: Quiet Time Updates Posted: 09-04-2023 By: Gerrit Kamp

´╗┐Awana is an international evangelical Christian nonprofit organization in child and youth discipleship. Its mission is to equip children's and youth ministry leaders throughout the world to reach kids with the Gospel and engage them in lifelong discipleship. My wife and are Awana Commanders at FCC Lynden since 2021.

As part of Awana, children memorize dozen's of Bible verses. And Quiet Time has a Scripture Memory module which children can use. This will help them both to memorize their verses, and to keep track of the verses they have already memorized, so that they will remember them. But there is one problem. How do you add all the verses they need to memorize to their memory list? We can help, by pre-loading the verses to their account!

In order to use Quiet Time for your Awana verses, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for a new Quiet Time account. If your child does not have an email address, you can use your own email address. Or, suppose your email addess is "abc@gmail.com" and your child's name is Charlie, then simply add "+charlie" to your email, like this: "abc+charlie@gmail.com". This way you will still receive any emails but Quiet Time will treat it as a separate account.
  • After you signed up, contact us using the Feedback button at the bottom of this page. Tell us the email address you signed up with, and the book your child is working through. We can then preload their verses (using ESV, but other translations are possible, just ask us).
  • Start memorizing!

Awana is an amazing program which the Lord uses to draw kids to Himself. Quiet Time can be very helpful for your children to hide God's Word in their hearts.


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